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Dear Card Slinger, 

Are you holding the space that you need for self-care? 

Is shadow medicine that is lurking on the periphery being brought into the light?

How are you doing with healing wounds, so self-love can thrive and be part of your spiritual practice?  

Discover the sacred medicine of YOUR story as a CARD SLINGER through 11 card spreads that have been crafted to help you HOLD SPACE for self-care and self-love. As you lay your cards, delve into the shadow medicine that rises up to empower your journey!  

The spreads are designed for all levels and can be used with any Tarot, Oracle, or Lenormand deck! 

The 23 page downloadable and printable PDF features the following spreads:
- Allowing Your THIRD EYE to Speak
- YOUR Intuitive ZONE of GENIUS
- Acknowledging the Shadow Medicine
- Shutting DOWN the THIRD EYE
- Releasing a Reading
- Creating YOUR Spiritual Practice
- To be, or Not to be a CARD SLINGER, that is the Question
- Imposter Syndrome
- Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries!
- Nurturing the Healer Wound
- Rewrite YOUR Money Story, CARD SLINGER

Love Notes. . .

"So greatful for this gift, thank you for sharing, I adore it !! Got to it immediatly with the 'imposter syndrome' spread. The cards and I are chatting layers of doubt, abuse, rest and healing 💛💛💛 xx" - @cosmicbangwomb

"Reading through it right now and I had to pause to come tell you how much I love it already. Such good prompts! I can't wait to take time for myself and use these. Thank you 💓" - @magicdoor.tarot

"Purchased and downloaded it. Thank you - it’s speaking to me at a deep level.❤️"

Sharron Basanti

A bit about me — I'm an Educator + Seer + Artist, who is obsessed with holding space for folx to delve into their INTUITION and awaken their THIRD EYE! For several years, I held sacred space for people seeking answers at that metaphysical shop and I also taught workshops there, as there was a wellness centre upstairs. I left the metaphysical shop in November 2016, as I was too busy filling orders for the Seeds of Shakti Oracle deck that I had painted and written the guidebook for. Creating the deck was a LIFE CHANGING MOMENT! Leaving was hard, as the metaphysical shop was part of my identity as a Seer, but now I love teaching online. I can't get enough of vintage and second-hand shops. And, I love living in a small town with my partner and naughty little chihuahuas, who are my HEART!

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    • Holding Space for YOU, Card Slinger!

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5 star rating

Love it!

Catherine Mills

Love the Holding Space for YOU, Card Slinger e-book! Intuitive and beautiful and inspiring. Thank you!

Love the Holding Space for YOU, Card Slinger e-book! Intuitive and beautiful and inspiring. Thank you!

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