Course Description

Are you curious about the Chakras? Each of the Chakras governs certain aspects of your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, thus are invaluable for balancing and maintaining a healthy aura!

What sort of magic does the 28 page e-book contain?

  • 21 Chakra healing affirmations
  • Chakra pendulum chart
  • Crystals recommendations to energize your Chakras
  • Bija mantras for each Chakra
  • Chakracises
  • Chakra colouring book
  • And, of course information on each of the Chakras

You'll also receive TWO additional e-books as a BONUS gift. The e-books include Tarot & Oracle card spreads for each Chakra. . .AND 21 Chakra crystal grid templates with a mini lesson on how to get started crystal gridding!

Love notes. . .

"It is amazing, I downloaded and tried doing a reading for a stressed friend. She said the results are very positive!! Thank you so much." - @praj1979

"It's brillant! Thank you for adding the pendulum chart, it's gorgeous! What I've been looking for." - @darkmoonphoenix

"What an amazing e-book. . .beautiful, and so useful. Especially love the Chakracises! Thank you so much." - @catherinespruceyoga

Sharron Basanti

A bit about me — I'm an Educator + Seer + Artist, who is obsessed with holding space for folx to delve into their INTUITION and awaken their THIRD EYE! For several years, I held sacred space for people seeking answers at that metaphysical shop and I also taught workshops there, as there was a wellness centre upstairs. I left the metaphysical shop in November 2016, as I was too busy filling orders for the Seeds of Shakti Oracle deck that I had painted and written the guidebook for. Creating the deck was a LIFE CHANGING MOMENT! Leaving was hard, as the metaphysical shop was part of my identity as a Seer, but now I love teaching online. I can't get enough of vintage and second-hand shops. And, I love living in a small town with my partner and naughty little chihuahuas, who are my HEART!

Course curriculum

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    • Introduction to the Chakras

    • BONUS: Healing Chakra Spreads

    • BONUS: Chakra Crystal Grid Templates

    • Before you go...