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What is your story medicine? Are you yearning to hear your soul's story? Do you hear the call to mend old hurts, break through unhealthy patterns, and shifting beliefs that don't serve you?

Discover the sacred medicine of YOUR story through 22 card spreads that have been crafted to help you call your power back by revealing truths that have been buried deep within for far too long. As you lay your cards, delve into the shadow medicine that rises up to rewrite your story through your lens!

The spreads are designed for all levels and can be used with any Tarot, Oracle, or Lenormand deck!

The 30 page downloadable and printable PDF features the following spreads:
- Why the Heck Did I Say "YES?"
- Why am I Such a Worry Wart?
- What Boundaries?
- Ancestors can YOU Hear me?
- Back to the Drawing Board
- When it Rains, it Pours!
- Are you Worthy of MY Empathy?
- Unplug, Pull the Cord!
- I Need to Anchor my Soul
- I am at my Wit's End
- Why do you Keep Popping up in my Head?
- Light Bulb Moment!
- Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
- The Movie Rerun in my Head
- I Can't Stand YOU!
- Procrastination is in my Bone!
- The Heebie-Jeebies in my Space!
- When Life Gives YOU the Sourest Lemons
- I Call my Power Back!
- Always Striving for Perfection
- Magic Exists Outside of my Comfort Zone
- My Anxiety has Reared its Ugly Head Again!

Love notes...

 "Strong powerful spreads that will encourage a lot of self-examination for the solo reading, and ways to create a dialogue in folks that ask for those type of readings. There's a LOT in just the first five to open up levels of exploration for a person willing to do the work." - Kathleen G.

"This e-book is so inspiring. I am looking at spreads in a whole new way." - Suzanne van Vliet

"So glad I bought this a few weeks ago - I've been enjoying the spreads. Lots of good soul medicine and food for thought." - @libraryanarchy

"Just grabbed mine yesterday. Gosh this is going to come in handy!! Thank you for creating it" - @annie_unleaded

"Downloaded my copy! Can’t wait to dive into these amazing spreads!" - @williamdalehealer

"Just purchased. Love it! I’ll delve into it more tonight after my full moon ritual." - @libraryanarchy

"Thank you . . . downloaded my copy. The spreads look fab" - @harperanita

 "Yayyyy it looks great, can wait to use!" - @phenyxx.of.swords

Sharron Basanti

A bit about me — I'm an Educator + Seer + Artist, who is obsessed with holding space for folx to delve into their INTUITION and awaken their THIRD EYE! For several years, I held sacred space for people seeking answers at that metaphysical shop and I also taught workshops there, as there was a wellness centre upstairs. I left the metaphysical shop in November 2016, as I was too busy filling orders for the Seeds of Shakti Oracle deck that I had painted and written the guidebook for. Creating the deck was a LIFE CHANGING MOMENT! Leaving was hard, as the metaphysical shop was part of my identity as a Seer, but now I love teaching online. I can't get enough of vintage and second-hand shops. And, I love living in a small town with my partner and naughty little chihuahuas, who are my HEART!

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