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Course is currently closed for enrolment & will open for registration on September 22, 2020. Subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of when this course becomes available again!

Have you ever . . .

. . . wanted to deepen your understanding of the Tarot? 

. . . tried to learn using books, but haven't had much success? 

. . . attempted to memorize the meanings of ALL 78 cards with no luck? 

or maybe, learning on your own isn't working for you!

If you said “yes” to any of the questions above then Tarot Straight UP, an introductory 3 month course is your answer! I'll help you build a strong foundation, so you can quickly develop your understanding of each card and be able to intuit potent messages. Learning the Tarot doesn't have to be difficult or stressful! Throughout this course, I will also lean into my experience as a professional reader at a metaphysical shop that I read at for several years. . . and where I taught countless workshops on the Tarot, including advance ones!

The content will be delivered in bite sized pieces, so you don't get overwhelmed and have enough time to deepen your understanding of each card. This course is designed for complete novices and also those who are familiar with the Tarot but want to deepen their understanding of the cards. If you are a seasoned reader but want to freshen up your knowledge or be exposed to different perspective, you are welcome to join! Starts June 21st, the first day of the summer solstice and finishes on September 23rd, which marks the start of the autumn equinox.

THREE BONUSES (worth over $150) for those who enroll by the 21st:

  • Exclusive Master Class on Tarot & Prosperity with Lara-Rose Duong, the Modern Money Witch and me ($55)
  • Tarot Meditation to deepen your connection ($11)
  • Three Group Coaching Calls after the course ends ($99)

Enrollment will be closing on the 21st at midnight (PDT) and the course won't be offered again until Spring 2020! 

 Learn to read the Tarot with confidence!!! Enroll

What does this course offer you. . .

  • a sacred space for you to dive deeper into the symbolism, astrological influences, numerology, and elemental medicine of all 78 cards 
  • learn to read each card in both the upright (light) and reversed (shadow) positions
  • PDF handouts that include main points, key words for each card, spreads, and exercises
  • spreads to delve deeper into the medicine of the Tarot and build your confidence
  • get exposure to practice spreads and sample readings
  • a supportive environment to practice reading the cards for yourself and others 
  • 2 live calls each week, except during integration weeks so you have time to absorb the information
  • opportunity to ask questions on Thinkific or in the Facebook group. Receive a response from me within 24 hours
  • discover how the Tarot can trigger your intuition to uncover the answers that you are seeking
  • a BONUS Facebook group, in which you can interact with the community, share your insights, and ask questions

The course is based on the Rider-Waite Smith (RWS) Tarot deck, as most modern Tarot decks draw from the symbolism of the RWS. Other decks will be used to share a modern perspective, especially ones that include BIPOC and have a LGBTQ influence!

The content will be delivered through live calls, which will give you the opportunity to interact and ask questions. I miss teaching in-person Tarot classes and felt called to deliver the material through live calls, instead of pre-recorded videos and audios. I want to hold space for you to have an in person class experience!

In case you can't attend the live calls, a replay will be uploaded within 24 hours. You'll have lifetime access to the course, which means you can re-watch the lessons at your convenience.

Cease the moment and delve deeper into the Tarot by enrolling in this 3 month course!

Break Down of the Course. . .

  • Week 1: Introduction + The Fool
  • Week 2: The Magician to The Emperor
  • Week 3: The Hierophant to Strength
  • Week 4: The Hermit to The Hanged Man
  • Week 5: Death to The Tower
  • Week 6: The Star to The World
  • Week 7: Integration Break
  • Week 8: Aces + Twos
  • Week 9: Threes + Fours
  • Week 10: Fives + Sixes
  • Week 11: Sevens + Eights
  • Week 12: Nines + Tens
  • Week 13: Integration Break
  • Week 14: Pages + Knights
  • Week 15: Queens + Kings

Are you ready to embark on a sacred journey through the 78 cards of the Tarot? Do you want to be able to read with confidence without referring to other resources? Would you like to deepen your understanding of the Tarot in a safe and supportive space? 

If you said "yes" then this course will provide you with a solid foundation to be able to read any Tarot deck with confidence and you won't find yourself flipping through books to read for yourself and others! 

Enroll for $XXX or 3 monthly payments of $XX

Testimonials from my past students. . .

"Half way through the Court Cards Speak course and I am loving it all! Sharron is so generous with her knowledge. Amazing spreads are shared every week to help integrate all the information in the course. Sharron's tutorials are full of useful insights into the court cards and beyond. The live calls are a wonderful way to go deeper into the cards with Sharron in person as well as some amazing readers worldwide! This is the best course on the tarot I have come across, Sharron is a gifted teacher." - Robin Beasely 

"I was always intrigued by the Tarot and its mysteries. In 2011, I was divinely guided to take Sharron's Introductory Tarot course. She facilitated relaxed and informative classes. We learned to go beyond the booklet and read intuitively. The classes were fun and I learned something new in each gathering. I still have some of her handouts to this day! I started reading Tarot professionally after taking her courses and attending her cartomancy book clubs. I still read Tarot to this day." - Jehey Vy

"I highly recommend Sharron, as I took her Tarot 101 class and the instruction booklet she gave was very detailed & thorough. The way Sharron taught the class was perfect, as she took the time to explain each card and what it meant. I also took her tea leaf reading class and it was amazing. Sharron explained everything in an easy to understand way, and is very knowledgeable on the topic. I highly recommend her! - Amanda Kell

"I have known Sharron for almost 10 years and have taken several of her courses, from Tarot, crystals, chakras, tea leaf reading and so many more than I can think of. What amazes me about Sharron, is her ability to connect the dots between all of these Arts, and how she awakens her students’ curiosity to delve deeper into themselves and outside of themselves, to to learn more. Not only is Sharron a fantastic teacher, but she is an authentic practitioner, who cares deeply for others and her craft." - Dana Ricci 

Read testimonials from my other course: The Truth in the Tea Leaves!

Follow your intuition and allow the magick of the Tarot to “awaken YOUR third eye." Enroll!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the content? 

You will have lifetime access to all the content, including the videos and live calls via Thinkific, the online platform for the course.

Is the course self-paced?

Since you have lifetime access to all the content, you can do the course at your pace. Thus, you don’t have to worry about meeting deadlines because there are none. 

When are the live calls scheduled?

The schedule will be based on the survey results and will include weekdays & weekends, so everyone has an opportunity to attend. There will be two live calls each week!

How long are the lessons for each week?

The live calls will last approximately 90 minutes, but may go over as I don't want to leave any questions unanswered. A replay will be uploaded to Thinkific within 24 hours!

Will there be a Facebook group for the course? 

Yes! The Facebook group is a BONUS :) You'll be sent an email on Friday, June 22nd with a link for the private Facebook group where you'll be able to join in on the discussion, practice reading the court cards, and ask questions.

Can I sign up for the course if I don't have Facebook?

You don't need to join the Facebook group, as the course material is delivered via Thinkific, which includes discussion sections! However, I do recommend creating a temporary account on Facebook, so you can interact with the other people in the course and gain more practice. The Facebook group is NOT A REQUIRED component of the course.

What happens after I finish the course?

You will have the skills to confidently read the Tarot without memorizing the meanings because you'll be able to intuit the message. You'll also have deeper connection to the cards.

Do I need any supplies for the course?

You'll need a Tarot deck. If you don't have one yet, I highly recommend acquiring the Rider-Waite Smith (RWS) Tarot deck, as that is what most modern decks are based on. Therefore, if you understand the symbolism of the RWS then you will be able to pick up any Tarot deck and read it with confidence. ⠀

If you don't connect with the RWS, I recommend getting a deck that you are drawn to. . .and also the RWS. I suggest learning the symbolism of the RWS and then comparing + contrasting with the deck you chose! Doing so will enrich your understanding of symbolism, which is one of the keys for triggering your intuition. 

Is the course suitable for absolute beginners?

Definitely! Novices are welcome :) In fact, it is the perfect place to start because the course is an introduction. 

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes! Once you've finished the course, I will send you a course completion certificate.

Was your question not answered? Email me:

Do you hear the call to become a Tarot reader? Follow YOUR Heart and Enroll


Reviews (1)

For me this course was more than just learning about the cards and their meanings. It was a lot about gaining confidence, connecting more deeply with my intuition and holding space for myself. This course has helped me use different tarot and oracle decks with such ease that I haven't known in the last 6 years of my practice. And all this is thanks to Sharron, her methodology and her compassion and patience. So much gratitude, Sharron.

by Sakshi Kalra

For me this course was more than just learning about the cards and their meanings. It was a lot about gaining confidence, connecting more deeply with my intuition and holding space for myself. This course has helped me use different tarot and oracle decks with such ease that I haven't known in the last 6 years of my practice. And all this is thanks to Sharron, her methodology and her compassion and patience. So much gratitude, Sharron.

by Sakshi Kalra

Sharron  Basanti

Sharron Basanti

Sharron is the artist and creator of the Seeds of Shakti Oracle deck.  For several years, she read tea leaves and drew cards at a metaphysical shop in the Vancouver area and also taught workshops there.  She now lives in the Similkameen Valley surrounded by ponderosa pines and sage brush.

Are you intrigued about what the tea leaves and cards have to say? Or perhaps you haven’t experienced a tea leaf reading before? Book YOUR session.

Course Includes

39 Texts

28 PDFs

37 Audios

19 Disqus

48.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

BONUS #1: Tarot + Prosperity Masterclass with Lara-Rose Duong & Sharron Basanti

BONUS #3: Meditation