Seeds of Shakti Temple
Sharron Basanti

The Truth in the Tea Leaves

Let the MAGICK you see inside the teacup inspire you to "Awaken YOUR Third Eye!”

Sharron Basanti

Sacred Medicine of YOUR Story Spreads e-book

Discover the sacred medicine of YOUR story through 22 card spreads that have been designed to help you reveal truths.

Sharron Basanti

The Court Cards Speak

EXPERIENCE and INTUIT the energy of each Court Card and Element so the Tarot can speak to you more deeply!

Sharron Basanti

Introduction to the CHAKRAS e-books

Learn how you can harness the energy of your Chakras to heal your mind, body, and soul!

Sharron Basanti

Tarot Straight UP: An Introduction

A sacred space for you to INTUIT and EXPERIENCE the energy of ALL 78 cards of the Tarot!

Sharron Basanti

Holding Space for YOU, Card Slinger e-book

Dear Card Slinger, Explore the sacred medicine of YOUR story through 11 card spreads that have been crafted to help you HOLD SPACE for self-care + self-love.